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High Pressure Pump 1 Articulated Cutting Head (Optional) 2 磨料bat365在线平台喷嘴 3 Catcher Tank 4 Abrasive Hopper 5 X-Y Traverse System 6 PC - Based Controller 7

Motion Control

因为水bat365在线平台切割介质是液体而不是静止的, a waterjet tends to undercut corners and swing wide on curves when moved as one would move a traditional rigid cutting tool. bat365在线官网手机 eliminates this issue by using an advanced computer model to accurately predict the motion and shape of the cutting stream and then by using a PC-based motion control system to compensate for undesired jet motion. 结果是第一次得到快速、准确的零件. No trial and error and no need for an experienced programmer because the experience and the knowledge is in the control software.


水bat365在线平台切割系统利用旧的, 液压增压泵比较复杂还是比较新的, 更简单的曲轴驱动三缸柱塞泵. Crankshaft pumps are inherently more efficient than intensifier pumps because they do not require a power-robbing hydraulic system. The crankshaft drive is a purely mechanical direct-drive system with minimal friction losses and so efficiencies between 85% and 90% are typical. This means that 85% or more of the electric power supplied to the drive motor can actually be delivered to the cutting nozzle, 与典型的65%或更少的增强剂相比. Historically intensifier pumps had an advantage of longer seal and check-valve life, but ongoing improvements in seal designs and materials and the wide availability and reduced cost of ceramic valve components now make it possible to operate a crankshaft pump in the 60,000 PSI (4,137 bar)的维修间隔长,可靠性好.

bat365在线官网手机采用高效曲轴驱动 direct-drive pumps 只适用于它的所有系统. A direct-drive pump is more efficient than a traditional hydraulic intensifier pump and so it can deliver more net power to the cutting nozzle, 导致切割速度加快. 它安静而干净,没有混乱的液压泄漏的风险. In addition, a direct-drive pump is simple to understand, to troubleshoot and to maintain. The bat365在线官网手机 Enduromax 泵的预防性维修间隔为1000小时, 提供可靠的低成本运行.

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使用红宝石或钻石宝石 孔板聚焦高压 water. 孔的直径 帮助确定切割宽度 (kerf). 小孔越小 更小的切割宽度(切口). Jewel Orifice 产生水压 在加油站,然后去 喷嘴本体通过高 pressure tubing. Water pressure 泵是可变的吗. High Pressure Water 介绍磨料(通常 石榴石)来制造混合物 几乎可以砍掉任何一个 material. 磨料是分类 通过网格,类似砂纸, 80目是最粗糙的 从这里开始变得更好. Abrasive Inlet 磨料和水结合在一起, 混合物通过 搅拌管切割物料. 混合管的大小取决于 水的压力,磨料的混合,和 application. 类似于宝石孔, 混合的直径越小 管,越小的切割宽度(kerf). Mixing Tube


All abrasive waterjet nozzles use the same basic operating principle as the liquid blasting nozzle, 于1936年首次申请专利(Patent 2,040,715). 现代的配置显示在右边的图表中.

请注意,对于专为切割软材料而设计的纯水喷嘴, the mixing chamber and tube are eliminated and the coherent jet of water alone cuts the material.

In order for the abrasive waterjet nozzle to cut efficiently and to increase component life, 至关重要的是,宝石孔是在喷嘴体仔细对准. All bat365在线官网手机 nozzles are factory-aligned and individually tested to ensure efficient cutting and long life.

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  • 使用喷水装置需要多少维护费用?

    Most of the maintenance on an abrasive waterjet involves servicing the pump and the cutting head. The exact type and frequency of maintenance will depend on how the machine is used (pump pressure, type of material cut, etc.) the specific components (pump type, nozzle type, accessories) and the water quality. The nozzle needs to be changed out fairly frequently to ensure precision cutting. 更换一个喷嘴只需要几分钟. bat365在线平台的MAXJET 5i喷嘴保证持续500个工作小时. 切削头的磨损部件需要偶尔更换. 这大约需要10分钟. 高压泵需要定期检修. bat365在线平台的直接驱动泵非常容易维修和, 取决于泵的型号, 重建通常需要1-2小时. Accumulated abrasive and work material particles need to be regularly removed from the tank. The table slats should be inspected for wear at least once a month and rotated or replaced when worn.

  • What to do with that used abrasive tends to fall into three categories: disposing, recycling, and repurposing. In most cases, used abrasive from a waterjet can be thrown out with other non-toxic garbage since garnet is a non-reactive, natural substance. However, if the abrasive has been used to erode toxic material and is contaminated with particles of toxic material such as lead or beryllium, it can't be simply thrown out with the trash and must be treated as toxic waste. A service that will periodically collect and properly dispose of your used abrasive can be employed to simplify this process.

  • 磨料水bat365在线平台切割速度受多种因素的影响, 包括材料类型, material thickness, desired edge quality, part geometry, 泵马力及以上. 与其他切割工艺相比, abrasive waterjets cut 5-10 times faster than wire EDM when cutting material less than 1 inch thick, 而且一般没有等离子切割机和激光切割机快.

  • bat365在线官网手机线水bat365在线平台表精度为±0.0010”,对于bat365在线官网手机线水bat365在线平台是±0.0030”,对于GlobalMAX线水bat365在线平台是±0.0030”,ProtoMAX±0.0050".两行表的重复性均为±0.0010". Be aware that more than just the X-Y accuracy of a table goes into the final accuracy of a part cut on an abrasive waterjet. 这是由于磨料水bat365在线平台切割工具的性质, 一种被称为bat365在线平台的高速水和磨料流. 不像刚性切削工具, the jetstream bends as it moves and the lower part of the jetstream doesn't behave exactly like the upper part. 宽度变化和变形,它逐渐变细,因为它切割. 所有这些都随着材料的不同而变化, different thicknesses, 不同的切削速度和一系列其他因素. The control software on all bat365在线官网手机 abrasive waterjets uses an advanced cutting model that takes all of these factors into account and for each cutting job and optimizes the cutting parameters to make accurate parts every time. 为任何磨料水bat365在线平台系统获得精确的测量精度, 得到一些测试切割你的部分设计和材料,并测量他们.