A waterjet utilizes a high pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material. Because the abrasive is added at the nozzle, it is simple to switch between water only 和 abrasive waterjet cutting. This flexibility greatly enhances the versatility of a waterjet machine, as it can easily switch from cutting ½" (1.27厘米)泡沫垫圈到4”(10.16厘米)钛支架.

The waterjet cutting machine system consists of three basic components:



The table is an X-Y nozzle mechanism with garnet hopper attached 和 catcher tank below.



The high pressure pump provides pressurized water for the cutting process.



The controller uses software for system operation, motion control, 和 nozzle positioning.




Using water as a cutting method for soft materials has been around for decades. Early forms such as the paper metering system by the Paper 专利 Company in the 1930s used relatively low-pressure water. While early waterjets could easily cut soft materials, they were not effective in cutting harder materials. 切割较硬材料的能力, 金属等, was achieved by adding an abrasive to the waterjet in the cutting nozzle after the jet stream was formed. But simply inducing garnet was not a viable solution without further advancements. Cutting harder material would take two innovations: ultra-high pressure pumps 和 advanced waterjet nozzles.


高压水bat365在线平台 technology took form in the post-World-War-II-era, resulting in faster cutting 和 greater precision. Reliability remained a challenge until the early 1970s when Dr. 约翰·奥尔森, bat365在线官网手机公司的运营副总裁, developed the first reliable ultra-high pressure pump.


Early abrasive waterjet nozzle life was too short to be commercially viable, but material innovations in mixing tubes by 硼化集团oration eventually resulted in a commercially acceptable nozzle. With the combination of a durable abrasive waterjet nozzle 和 a reliable high pressure pump, an abrasive waterjet machine could now cut a wide range of materials, 包括硬化工具钢, 钛, 石头和玻璃.


  • 1930s

    低压的排水系统 用于剪纸. Abrasive waterjet nozzle concept patented.

  • 1940s

    高压密封 为航空开发 & 汽车液压

  • 1950s

    超高压力 (100,000 psi, 6,900 bar) liquid jet used to cut aerospace metals

    数控 (NC) system developed by John Parsons

    高压水bat365在线平台 用于切割塑料形状

  • 1960s

    高达50000 psi (3,450 bar) pulsing waterjet created at Union Carbide 和 cut metal 和 stone

    高压泵 manufactured for polyethylene industry

  • 1970s

    Bendix公司 develops concept of using corundum crystal for waterjet orifice

    Dr. 约翰·奥尔森 develops 和 patents the high pressure fluid intensifier

    第一台主流商用喷水机 切割系统介绍

  • 1980s

    硼化集团. develops ROCTEC 陶瓷 tungsten carbide composite mixing tubes

    1930年代的演变 abrasives nozzle design brings abrasive jet machining to reality

  • 1990s

    bat365在线官网手机公司 建立了

    Dr. 约翰·奥尔森 开发和专利(5,508,596 & 5,892,345) motion control systems to precisely locate the waterjet stream

  • 2000s

    切削模型的改进 significantly increase cutting speeds in bat365在线官网手机 machines

    高精度零锥度 采用水bat365在线平台切割 Tilt-一架飞机

    负担得起的,多才多艺的 bat365在线官网手机bat365在线平台 行介绍

  • 2010s

    bat365在线官网手机 转动轴一架飞机 brings 6-Axis machining to bat365在线官网手机机器

    EnduroMAX泵 技术 显著增加可靠性

    IntelliMAX软件套件 adds innovative system monitoring 和 advanced 3D tools

  • 2020s

    IntelliMAX升级 for inter-connectivity, scripting, 和 advanced monitoring

    OptiMAXbat365在线平台首次亮相 引入行业4.0 software 和 technology to abrasive waterjet



A waterjet cutter uses a fine steam jet of water at high velocity 和 pressure, or a mixture of water 和 an abrasive garnet particle, into 和 subsequently through the material you are trying to cut.

bat365在线平台系统可以变化, but most are made up of a high-pressure pump, a cutting table that holds the work material, 喷射口:喷射急流的喷嘴, an X-Y motion system to move the nozzle 和 a PC-based controller. bat365在线官网手机 tables are water-filled tanks with slats that hold the material. The material can be submerged under the water, making the cutting quiet 和 clean. bat365在线官网手机 waterjets have hoppers that hold 和 dispense abrasive during the cutting process.


It's easier to answer what materials can't be cut with a waterjet. An abrasive waterjet can cut virtually anything, but we don't recommend cutting tempered. 水bat365在线平台可以切割铝, 黄铜, 青铜, 碳纤维复合材料, 陶瓷, 铜, 玻璃纤维, 玻璃, 花岗岩, 杜邦公司注册在芳族聚酰胺纤维商品上的注册商标, 大理石, 不锈钢, 钛, 钨和更多. Many food processing companies do use pure waterjet machines (rather than abrasive waterjets) to cut food.


  • Abrasive waterjets can cut virtually any material, including 玻璃 和 reflective materials, 和 a wide range of material thicknesses. Some bat365在线官网手机 customers report cutting material up to 18 inches thick.
  • Abrasive waterjet machining is a cold cutting process 和 creates no heat-affected zones (HAZ), therefore it doesn't change the material properties or leave heat-hardened edges.
  • Set-up for cutting jobs on abrasive waterjets is quick 和 easy.
  • Multiples of the same part can be cut at one time from different types of material simply by stacking the various sheets of material on the waterjet.
  • No harmful vapors are emitted with abrasive waterjet cutting.
  • A waterjet's cutting tool never gets dull.

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