提示 for 切割 石头 and Ceramic on Your Waterjet

Pierce stone countertops without chipping. Work ceramic with minimum dust. From granite to Dekton, bat365在线官网手机 abrasive waterjets allow for quick, accurate, and safe machining. Fabricating with water and abrasives instead of wasting money on costly specialty saw blades ensures a cutting medium that is never dull and a fully secure process – especially with our tips for cutting stone and ceramic...

Make the Most of Your Remnants with IntelliMax

This tip comes from longtime bat365在线官网手机 Regional Sales Manager Patrick Turpin, who oversees sales in Australia, 新西兰, 菲律宾, 和印尼.

Did you know that IntelliMax has a “Remnant” capability? 这是正确的, you can manually track remnants and add parts to existing sheets, allowing you to save money by using as much of your material as possible. 让bat365在线平台来看看...

切割 玻璃 on a Waterjet Machine

Although most glass should cut well on your waterjet, you will need to make exceptions, as different kinds of glass behave differently. For example, piercing is an easy but challenging part of waterjet glass cutting. In addition, frosting and chipping may occur around cut edges.

Note that you can cut glass on all bat365在线官网手机 waterjets, from our small waterjet, the ProtoMAX,...

Working with 钛 on a Waterjet

We often get asked, “Can an bat365在线官网手机 waterjet cut titanium?”


钛 is harder, but also lighter, than both aluminum and steel. If you have ever machined titanium on a mill, you know it has a tendency to be a very slow cut. However, with an abrasive waterjet, cutting titanium is fast and easy.


Abrasive Waterjet 玻璃 切割

12 提示 for 切割 玻璃 with Abrasive Waterjet from bat365在线官网手机

1. 卡具 It’s important to support the glass work piece from the bottom with something that provides even support, yet is soft enough so the jet doesn’t ricochet back into the glass and frost the bottom surface. Waterjet brick is a great option for this. Make sure the support surface is flat and uniform to avoid cracking the glass. Be sure that the glass work piece and the support are...

Micro Abrasive Wwaterjet Machining

Micro Abrasive Waterjet Machining with the bat365在线官网手机 MicroMAX

Around the globe, machines and their components are becoming smaller and lighter. The demand for high precision parts from advanced materials with quick turnaround time is growing. bat365在线官网手机公司 has answered this demand with the development of the latest generation MicroMAX® abrasive waterjet.

To cut material, an abrasive waterjet accelerates water to a high velocity jetstream...


Machining 玻璃 with Abrasive Waterjet

三十年前, the abrasive waterjet process was primarily reserved for cutting 2D geometries in relatively thin aluminum, and the quality of the cuts were very rough to say the least. 今天, in addition to cutting all thicknesses of aluminum and other metals, accuracy has improved to fractions of a millimeter. Additionally, abrasive waterjets are also used to cold cut everything from 1mm...

Machining 复合s With Abrasive Waterjet

切割 composite material is a perfect application for abrasive waterjets. A precision waterjet with a taper compensating head will machine 1/4" thick carbon fiber as fast as 180 inches/minute at 60,000 psi with taper of less than 0.每边001”. And 13/16" thick G10 can be machined as fast as 40 inches/minute at 60,000 psi with the same precision.


疯狂的系统. Interfacing Mechanical Interactive, Electronics, and Story Telling Since 1998

疯狂的橙色系统, California is a company that creates unique and creative integrated displays for theme parks, 博物馆, 展览, 和餐馆.  They specialize in audio/video delivery and controls, 互动展示, 照明, 特效, 运动控制, and a whole range of crazy stuff.  Mad System's customer base is extremely broad, ranging from National...